I help clients clarify their brand message, and visual identity, through a process of identifying their unique values, goals and target audience.

seagrass financial logo

Client: Seagrass Financial | Financial Planning Consultancy

Goal: Develop a cohesive business brand that reflected the company’s straightforward values and traits: Trustworthy, Smart, Approachable.

Work: Comprehensive brand strategy, logo and sub-mark, color palette, business card, website

seagrass financial logo marks
seagrass financial cards
seagrass financial web page
seagrass website
age with a plan logo

Client: Age With A Plan | Aging Consultancy

Goal:  Create a strong brand for a consultancy specializing in life-planning for the aging. The client was seeking to develop a distinct, yet professional logo and consistent brand identity that reflected their approachability and appealed to the aging community.

Work: Comprehensive brand strategy, tagline, logo, color palette, business card, brochure, website

Age With a Plan bus cards
seagrass financial web page
Age With a Plan website


A strong logo is the distillation of so much of what an institution stands for, and can set the tone for an entire brand. I enjoy seeing the evolution of a logo, from initial pencil sketch to final design.


Successfully promoting a business, service or product involves the intersection of numerous marketing outlets. I have worked on magazines, brochures, newsletters, annual reports, presentations and websites.

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I enjoy working on personal passion projects, when time allows. I love experimenting with digital and analog media formats, spanning everything from typography and illustration to paper-cut art and photography. One of my dreams is to publish a children’s book someday!